CoMo Local Music Spotlight: Dubb Nubb

Last summer I attempted to start a music documentary with this local duo, but pretty much failed with lack of time and other factors, but i've decided to revisit the idea! In my photo capstone our first project was to conduct a one-minute audio interview and pair it with a portrait of our subject. 

The inspiration was taken from a series of portraits by Robert Gumpert (  These portraits show life in prison through the voices of the inmates. It's a very fascinating project, and I encourage anyone to check it out.

Dubb Nubb is a local group comprised of twin sisters Delia and Hannah Rainey and their older sister Amanda. Delia and Hannah were surrounded by music from birth, and continue to incorporate music into their daily lives with their band. Yesterday I visited the home of Hannah Rainey where she and Delia were getting together for a band practice. With a mix of indie and folk, the following interview is a look inside what Dubb Nubb is all about. 

Hannah (left) and Delia Rainey (right) in their home during a Dubb Nubb band practice in Columbia, Mo. Friday, Jan. 30, 2015.