Bacon, lettuce and all the doughnuts you can eat

Yesterday I visited Harolds, the new doughnut shop in town to start a job profile project for capstone. Initially,  I went in focusing on the owner Michael to find the story behind the creation of the business, but when I showed up he wasn't there. I was greeted by the current manager on staff Melissa. She said he would be around in fifteen minutes, so I meandered my way around the room snapping some details. While I was doing that I listened to Melissa interact with the other girls working that day. She had this infectious personality that compelled me to want to know more. From then on my angle shifted to Melissa instead of Michael. That day they were preparing to unveil the BLT Doughnut; which included fresh bacon, homemade tomato paste, avocado aioli, and lettuce stuffed inside a warm doughnut. -- I had the opportunity to try this concoction twice and it was delicious to say the least. Below is a loose edit of Melissa's role at Harold's Doughnuts. The final edit will include an audio slideshow.