It's Show Time!

Friday night was show night for Tidal Volume. The guys had practiced a few times before the doors opened that night, so it was smooth sailing during the day. I got a last minute call around 4:30 that afternoon from Zach saying he was going to pick up tshirts, inviting me along so I rushed downtown to document him picking up merch that they would sell that evening. Below is a quick edit of photos from that entire afternoon. I was with them from around 4:30- a little after midnight. 

Day Three: Tidal Volume

Today I met up with Zach and the rest of Tidal Volume (Andrew, Will and Chris) for a full band practice at Zach's place. I was able to photograph for just under two hours and was able to hear their full set that they will perform on Thursday at Rose Music Hall. I plan to follow the guys around until then, so stay tuned! 

Spring Break '15 Part 3 | Good Eats

One thing I love to do when I travel is try local cuisine. I'm fairly open minded when it comes to food, and when I discovered we would be staying with a vegetarian for the weekend, I was interested to see where on Earth he would take us. 

To my surprise, it was Josh's birthday, and his brother greeted us with Georgetown Cupcakes. And yes, they taste just as incredible as they look. The next two images are bowls from two different places. I can't remember the name of the first place, but it's filled with veggies, and feta cheese and chicken and it was also very delicious. The second bowl is filled with thai noodles and chicken meatballs and a spicy peanut sauce. 

I was bound and determined to eat seafood on my trip and luckily we ate at a diner in downtown DC that had a lobster roll. Of course I had to have it, and it was everything I had dreamed of. The last image is a yummy turkey club with bacon and honey mustard from a quirky place called The Artful Dodger in Harrisonburg, VA. 

Spring Break '15 Part 2 | Navigating Through States

I've decided to break my trip photos into a mini-series of galleries instead of one large gallery that would be tough to navigate.

 A good chuck of my spring break was spent either on a plane or in a car hopping from one place to the next. This was great because I got to catch up and spend some valuable road tripping time with my close friends. 

Spring Break '15: Part 1 | Washington D.C. Metro

Last week I embarked on what would come to be an eventful journey to Washington D.C. and Harrisonburg, VA. I flew out Friday afternoon with one of my buddies (Josh Habermehl) and we stayed with his brother Brett who is a senior at American University in the heart of the city. It turned out to be Josh's Birthday, so we celebrated that one night too. During that time, my phone was stolen and I foolishly had one SD card on me, so throughout that time I was scrambling to stay in touch with my parents and document what was happening around me.

One of my friends from college (Jon Ingram) recently moved out to Virginia and he met up with us in DC for the weekend too. Josh and I had to fly back to Missouri Monday, but Jon convinced us to try to change flights and drive down to Harrisonburg for a few days. Josh unfortunately couldn't get anyone to cover his work but I impulsively made the decision to stay. During that 2-hour ride to the airport I changed my flight and we quickly (and very last minute) made arrangements to have another friend fly out to stay with us for a couple days as well.

Long story short, it was an unforgettable experience spent with people who are very dear to my heart. Throughout those six days I took stills and video that I plan to turn into a short multimedia piece at some point. I've decided to break the trip into multiple smaller galleries that I will post in parts. Below is a small edit of how we navigated the city during the weekend, which was almost my favorite part of the trip in my opinion.